Fragile Art!!! Chair kiss!!!!


I am so spoiled...but I love it!  I love it!  LOVE IT!

taemun  made this for me and I've like lost my mind.  lol  It makes me cry happy tears and scream like a happy banshee at the same time~!!!

It's like it came straight out of my head...I love it!  I love her!  

I love all you wonderfully creative people!  Please feel free to continue to spoil me!  lol
I can see Yunho's hand in the back of Jae's head and it's so hottttttttttt!!!!

and yes, Taemun is awesomeeeeee <33333
She is good. YH even curled his toes!
Beautiful, just beautiful.
Shoul I say kyyyyaaaaaaahhh ! God I love it too ! My imagination is definitely going wild !
wow... nice art, happy many people love your story and willing to make an art for you and taemun good job.
OMG OMG.. chair kiss.. bunk bed.. pink socks.. curl toes.. hot kiss..
hhaa I LOVE THISSSS.. ^^
I swear this left me breathless....

/runs to re-read this chapter
Ahhh, I love it when I get visuals. :)
Taemun, thanks so much for sharing your lovely Yunjae art with us.

Fragile Essence is bringing out creative juices of talented people. Yey!

Pink socks and lavender boxers. :P
That is really beautiful! Makes me wanna go read that chapter again.
oh god. oh yes. that's. oh. really. i. oh. that little glimpse of jae's undies.. /gawking
omg XD like like like.. i love creative artist..why are they so awesome??? T.T i wish i could draw too orz
HOLY SHINKI :Q___________________________ how couldddddd how could she be so awesome and draw exactly whats in my head DAMNNN YOU AWESOME PPL I LOVE YOU ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;
OMG GUYS YunJae shippers' world is damn beautiful also because of ppl like you.. you amazing author and artist /HUGSSSSSSSSSS/
this perfectly matches the scene you wrote! it's amazing! <333
i hope people can make for fanarts of scenes from the fic (:
This is really perfect, beautiful, wonderful.
The drawing and the writing are shocking likewise.
He adjusts to the story.
Two talented men - one write, the other one you are swarming, and the work of art comes into existence. Thank you for sharing this with us.
My god! That's how I imagined the scene!! Beautiful art is beautiful indeed!
Oh... oh wow. I love Jae's Rising Sun hair! That was totally the concept of him I pictured in this period, while the Yunho I imagined was circa 2007, his long and lanky days yet with enough meat on his bones. Jae looks so skinny. The pink socks are so adorbs... and don't think I didn't notice your toes curling, Yunho. ;) Thank you for sharing this!
i love this pic know i just can't describe's jsut perfect...
and i wanted to use this pic in my own fic and i have no idea if i should ask you permission.,,, but hope you dont mind..plzzzzzzz