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I am joining right now. Love that fic. Happy New year:))
Omo omo let me join let me joooiiiinnn! DX

What happened? Why you change? o.O
I am thinking about doing something different with this story. So I thought I would give it a little special treatment for now. It's just a thought for now, so I don't want to say.
waaaaaa.. an exclusive community for fragile essence!!!! a defo joiiinnnn!
how can i join? i wanna read the fragile essence too >_<
sorry. im a newbie ^_^
Ohh, a special place for Fragile Essence. :)

I swear when I first read your words that you will not update Fragile Essence, it felt that my eyes just popped out of my sockets. Then, will be moved onto here. You gave me a fright, lol!

Will join definitely.
I would like to join this community, can I ?!
I know, you said that it is open to everyone, but, yeah, I think it's more polite to ask you first ^^

So, I love all your YunJae fics, and I'm so sorry that I did not comment much (at all ><) on your updates ... But I read it all really !! :)

Can I ask why you decided to put your fic "Fragile Essence" in another community ?

Thank You for all the good fics/chapters you let us read.
You're one of my favourite fanfic author ! <3

Fighting !!


PS : Sorry, English is not my native language~
There is no need to ask, but thank you. It is open to everybody.

I am keeping the reasons for putting Fragile here...secret right now. I am thinking about doing something special with it.

Thank you for all your kind words!

I never left any message before but I freaking love Fragile Essence.Will be joinig for sure.Thanks for your effort.
done :D
BTW i m a big fan of ur fanfics u re doing a great job (y)
wish u ll continue writing :)
fighting ^^
Joined! I love your stories, though I never take the time to comment, but I will! :)
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