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Hello! I finished reading fragile essence a few days ago and MAN it still doesn't leave my mind until now! Your story is so beautifully written, one of the best yunjae fic I have read. I'm also a fan of your Damaged, and compared to it your style of writing has so much improved. I loved loved loved loved it :)

Anyway, can't wait for the second story badly :) I really hope it's a happy ending~
so i found this story a couple of days ago and I read it all in pretty much one go, it is awesome! can't wait for part 2 d^3^b
I have just finished reading the entire 20 chapters and I have to say that the emotions in your story are beautifully raw and real. As much as I find yunho's rejections cruel, I am still able to understand why he reacted in those ways. Thumbs up! I look forward to you finishing the 'baking' of part two in your mind :D
So do i. I cant read the stories chap 15-20. I only see the coments. Would u like guys to give me informations so i can read this epic story, please :(
i loved it so much
it so good
i didnt read like thae story ever
iam wondering when will u write the part 2 ? soory for the bother
As I said some time ago I read your (long) Yunjae stories now! I don't know wether you read comments to old stories or not, but I must to comment on this story...

Now I read all those chapters in don't now..two weeks thought (atm I'm busy with studying, if I wouldn't I would have read all days long, till I finished it..) and this was so nerve wracking. The Prolog showed which road the storyline would go, but I plead for it to happen in the middle of the story, because I would never ever be able to handle such an ending! And you ended it at a moment where I..hnga. I really searched all your journal to find one "Happy After"-Chapter!!!! But there isn't nothing ;~; Will I ever get one?

I know I can imagine that things will get easier for Yunho and Jaejoong. That they will propably raise Hana, Junsu and the little Changmin and that they would maybe live together...and that YunJae maybe in time would find their way to eachother again..

..but I don't want to imagine it...i want to read it! ;^;

Anyway. Ich loved the story but Jaes ups and downs made my heart ache. Being dumped bei Yunho not only once...this night with Michael Parks wasn't a pleasure to read to! I suffered with Jae all the time and when I wasn't I was like " would Yunho feel? I'm sure it's hard for him, too! I would probably suffer with him too, if I would read his mind."so you see, when I was not busy with feeling bad for Jae I was for Yunho xD

This isn't really a happy story without a real happy end that both of them would deserve. Allthough I have to say, Jae impressed me in the last chapter! I always thought, that the shrink had done a really good job...

Ah and the last thing to say: Everytime I ready Michael Parks I thought about Yoochun lol. Because Michael = Mick = Micky and Parks = I don't know if it was thought that way but I just wanted to mention it~

I know you've written a plot to their christmas childhood, but I'm not ready to go back to their childhood yet. I will read it maybe in a week..or on december, when chrismas is coming closer! But atm. I just can't ´w` I'm busy imagening things for their future now!
Love it!
Hi there! I'm a new Cassie! I love your writing so much. I've read Damaged religiously & man, I couldn't stop even for an hour! Can you please add me so I can read this fic? I can't get enough of awesome Yunho!
crying T_T
hi...i just wanted to ask why some chapters are lock?
i was so into the story that the lock made me cry!T_T
Re: crying T_T
You shouldn't cry, because it isn't locked to members.

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That was so so good.. all the characters were awesome , jenny being the best. daebak..
Hi~ Just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that Fragile essence is a piece of artwork in my eyes!! If I had a museum this would hang on the wall *_* 8D Patiently waiting for part 2, but no rush! I'm fully aware of how hard it can be to find the time. And I'm really sorry about your grandmother hun <3 Like I said, take your time, I understand if your muse is affected by this :'(