Fragile Art!!! Chair kiss!!!!


I am so spoiled...but I love it!  I love it!  LOVE IT!

taemun  made this for me and I've like lost my mind.  lol  It makes me cry happy tears and scream like a happy banshee at the same time~!!!

It's like it came straight out of my head...I love it!  I love her!  

I love all you wonderfully creative people!  Please feel free to continue to spoil me!  lol
Oh... oh wow. I love Jae's Rising Sun hair! That was totally the concept of him I pictured in this period, while the Yunho I imagined was circa 2007, his long and lanky days yet with enough meat on his bones. Jae looks so skinny. The pink socks are so adorbs... and don't think I didn't notice your toes curling, Yunho. ;) Thank you for sharing this!